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October Favorites

October Favorites

Where has October gone? Despite being in hot, sunny Florida, I have been enjoying this autumn season! I filled October with baked pumpkin treats, plenty of pumpkin lattes, and spicy essential oils. Today I’m starting a blog post series of Monthly Favorites that you may find exciting or helpful for you on your health journey. Here are my October Favorites!

For my birthday on the 7th, Cesar gifted me with this purse from Madewell. Ever since I fell in love with essential oils, I’ve been dying to have a purse just so I could carry the oils around with me! You see, I despise having or needing a purse. I don’t like carrying purses, forgetting to bring something with me, leaving it in a restaurant, lugging it around…you get the idea. Asking for a PURSE tells you how much I love my oils! Wherever I go, it’s convenient to have my rollers for stress, head tension, and digestive support with me. Now I can carry Digize and Peppermint along to restaurants. I can roll on Stress Away and sniff Lavender when I encounter crazy, frustrating people. All that good stuff. I also love how I can carry around plantain chips and an Epic bar in case I’m in need of a snack. This purse in particular is the best I’ve ever seen. I follow Lauren Elizabeth (love her style) and that’s where I first spotted my dream purse. Thanks to my sweet husband, I now have it!

I can’t get over how nutritious and tasty this seafood is! If you open up my kitchen cupboards, you’ll find a beloved stash of smoked oysters. I eat them in salads or on Simple Mills crackers with homemade almond chive cheese. Oysters stole my heart when I learned of their nutritional value. They are rich in Selenium (great for thyroid health), Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin D, Zinc, and more! If you would like to learn more about the benefits of oysters, check out my post on “3 Foods for Brain Power.”

Unbound Healing Podcast, Episode 16 “All About the Autoimmune Protocol with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom”
Friends, this episode! I’ve listened to it multiple times because it’s that good. My goal next month is to restart the elimination phase of AIP; but it’s been hard wanting to. More on that later. (If you are unfamiliar with AIP, read my post What Is AIP). This episode has made me want to do AIP again – to heal, to focus on nutrient density, and to stick to it! I feel so inspired when I listen to it. Definitely give it a listen if you’re hesitant to begin (or re-begin) the autoimmune protocol. You can find the episode here.

Simple Mills Pumpkin Muffins
There’s a certain atmosphere I want my friends and family to experience when they visit our home. I want them to feel welcome, cozy, comfortable, loved and appreciated, and cheery! Lately, I’ve been baking these Simple Mills pumpkin muffins and icing them with vanilla frosting. Our guests have loved these simple treats! There’s no better treat than a pumpkin treat during this fall season. Agreed? These muffins are dense, not too sweet, and so good heated or cold. I love nibbling on a cold pumpkin muffin and sipping hot tea. Try it! The best part of these muffins are the ingredients So. Clean.

“Christmas Spirit” Essential Oil Blend
I’ve also been diffusing Young Living’s Christmas Spirit oil to give our home that spicy smell we all associate with the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone loves this just as much as the muffins. Not only will I diffuse it, but I’ll also add 2-3 drops of Christmas Spirit to the vacuum filter and vacuum the whole house before people arrive. It maximizes the scent throughout my home and leaves it smelling like the holidays.

Thieves Household Cleaner
The closer Christmas gets, the more I want my house to smell, feel, sound, and look like Christmas. No, the tree isn’t up yet. However, I have had Christmas music on year-round. Have you heard Francesca Battistelli’s Christmas album? Oh, I love it! So, there are warm pumpkin treats, Christmas Spirit oil diffusing, sparkly white lights plugged in, and then…Thieves Household Cleaner. I’m pretty sure all Young Living oilers will agree that Thieves household cleaner smells like Christmas. It really makes me crave chai teas! Whenever I make a paste with Thieves cleaner and baking soda to scrub my tub, I almost want to eat it because it looks and smells like chai-flavored frosting. Thieves cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner. I not only scrub my sinks and showers with it, but I also use it to wipe down my table and counters, mirrors, coffee table, and shelves. Oh, and spot clean my white tile floors! Its scent actually makes me want to clean my house, which is something I used to dread. Conventional cleaners always made me dizzy and tired, and gave me itchy, red hands. Read more about conventional cleaners here in my post Ditch Conventional Cleaners.

Red Rooibos Spicy Pumpkin Latte
As much as I want it to be Christmas already, I can’t skip over my most favorite season – autumn. There are squashes and pumpkins everywhere! Florida’s lacking in fall-colored leaves; but pumpkins, lattes, and muffins will do. My version of a pumpkin spice latte is addicting – Red Rooibos Spicy Pumpkin Latte! I’ve indulged in so many of these over the past few weeks that I’m going to eventually look like a pumpkin! It has all of the flavors of a pumpkin spice anything. It’s definitely orange. And it’s tasty, thick, and cozy. Cozy drinks are the best, am I right? If you haven’t already given it a go, try it and let me know how much you enjoy it!

What’s your favorite season? Are you digging all the pumpkin things? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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