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About Laura

Hi! I’m Laura De Leon!

This website was made for you! My mission is to encourage you and inspire you to pursue natural health and wellness.

Naturally Laura is a place where you will find:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Chemical-Free Living with Essential Oils
  • Green Cleaning How-To’s
  • All-Natural Personal Care
  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips

What does living naturally mean to me? It means eating real food. It means using clean, non-toxic products to clean my home. It means using safe makeup and personal care products. And it means seeking out natural ways to heal my body.

My Story

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2010, after some minor heart surgeries and traumatic experiences. Without question, I began taking that little synthroid pill that I was expected to need the rest of my life. My diagnosis didn’t bother me back then. After all, many of my relatives had the same disease. I was just happy to finally figure out where all the extra weight had come from…and get rid of it! Two years later, I became super interested in “going natural,” which was basically just the intention of being genuine. I stopped using so much makeup and vowed to never perm or dye my hair again. Throughout this time I had become frustrated with all of the hypothyroid symptoms that had never gone away – acid reflux, bloating, cystic acne, hair loss, constipation/diarrhea, brain fog, anxiety, painful menstrual cramps, unstable emotions, insomnia, thinning eyebrows, depression, anxiety, stomach pain, frequent urinary tract infections, weight gain, and fatigue. So I turned my focus to this little pill that inconvenienced me. After a ton of research, I asked my doctor to test me for Hashimoto’s. Sure enough, the result was positive. My body had been attacking and destroying my thyroid for who knows how long. I was upset that no one had ever explained to me what hypothyroidism is, how I could have developed it, and how to treat it. The turning point was when I opened up a book my husband had gifted me several years before. Coincidentally, it was a book written for those with autoimmune disease, and it opened my eyes to the fact that these diseases are in fact reversible. (click here to read the whole story) It was liberating to discover that Hashimoto’s can be put in remission! And so began the great adventure! “Natural” took on a whole new meaning to me! Going back to the basics, I ditched all the fake food, chemical cleaning products, toxic personal care products, and began the autoimmune protocol. I’ve seen a slight decrease in antibodies, and a huge decrease in hypothyroid symptoms. It’s a journey, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Who Am I?

I am a freelance writer and blogger.
Since seven years old, I’ve been interested in writing and in health. Since I love both, I put the two together! I finally do what I’m passionate about – write health articles for online clients and articles for Naturally Laura.

I am an essential oils distributor.
Lavender essential oil was always on my wishlist because of my sleep issues. At the same time, I was looking for natural ways to clean my home (without the chemicals and icky ingredients). A wonderful friend shared with me the amazing benefits of essential oils. They can be used for house cleaning and for supporting health. I purchased my starter kit and began playing scientist with all the little oil bottles – performing little experiments.

I am a recipe developer.
The kitchen is my happy place. I love creating easy and nourishing recipes to share and enjoy. Sneaking liver into recipes makes me giddy. And making my husband happy with every meal is insanely special to me. (Cesar loves my cooking!)

Ten Random Facts about Me

  1. I love matcha lattes! In fact, I love any hot drink. They’re so comforting and cozy.
  2. I grew up in a family of eight and I’m the 4th child. I love my family dearly!
  3. I began college with the intention of getting a BSN. Nursing must be the way to go if you’ve been interested in health all your life. Wrong! I finished one semester.
  4. My husband Cesar is the most loving and amazing man on the planet! We enjoy spending every moment together that we possibly can. I thank God for him every single day.
  5. I listen to Christmas music year-round. Chris Tomlin’s album Adore is probably my favorite.
  6. God is everything to me. I take my relationship with Him seriously.
  7. I grew up in upstate New York and moved to South Florida when I married my husband.
  8. Honestly, the reason I wanted to get off my thyroid medication in the first place – I didn’t want to go through the Great Tribulation (end times…Apocalypse) unable to buy my prescription, suffering from every single hypothyroid symptom! You can laugh.
  9. I’m currently learning Spanish, since that is my church’s and in-laws’ primary language.
  10. I believe that taking care of your body should be a priority. When you are healthy and strong, you are more able to fulfill your God-given purpose.